While exponentially increasing the military salaries and allocating billions of reais to the centrão through a "secret budget" – the infamous Bolsolão – Bolsonaro drastically cut investments in science and education. In addition, along with his team of incompetent ministers, he operated to discredit professors, researchers, and scientists during his government. Due to a lack of funding, universities suffer from a shortage of professors and technicians, and many of them risk suspending their activities.

      1. Abraham Weintraub announces that MEC will cut university funding for 'disruption' and targets UnB, UFF, and UFBA (UOL, April 2019)
      2. MEC says that it will block 30% of all universities and federal institutes’ budgets (G1, April 2019)
      3. Capes announces it will cut another 5,613 master's and doctoral scholarships (Estado de Minas, September 2019)
      4. Without Evidence, Weintraub says federal universities have large marijuana crops (UOL, November 2019)
      5. The Ministry of Education will block new hiring of professors and that will affect the operation of universities (Brasil de Fato, January 2020)
      6. Cutting down on new professors, grants, and classes at risk: the impacts of MEC's decision to block expenses with personnel on universities and federal institutes (G1, February 2020)
      7. Centrão now controls BRL 110,5 billion in government funds. (Poder360, June 2020)
      8. The Minas Gerais Courts convict ex-minister Weintraub for saying that universities manufacture drugs and grow marijuana (G1, March 2021)
      9. Bolsonaro's secret billionaire budget pays for overpriced tractors in exchange for congressional support (Estadão, May 2021)
      10. ● Bolsonaro government cuts 87% of the budget for Science and Technology. Budget drops from BRL 690 million to only BRL 89 million (Correio Braziliense, October 2021)
      11. Cuts in the science budget severely impact Sirius, the most innovative program in which Brazil has already invested (El País, November 2021)
      12. The Bolsonaro government paid BRL 5.5 billion from the secret budget in 2021 (Metrópoles, December 2021)
      13. The secret budget was BRL 16 billion in 2021. In the last week of the year alone, the rapporteur's amendment efforts reached BRL 3.7 billion (Metrópoles, January 2022)
      14. National center that monitors natural disasters had the lowest budget in its history, in 2021, says director (BBC News, February 2022)
      15. Budgets to invest in education and science are back at the years 2000 levels (Uol Notícias, February 2022)
      16. Government abandons stalled works and sets up a “fake schools” scheme (Estadão, April 2022)
      17. Education spending drops for the 5th consecutive year and is the lowest in ten years, according to a survey (G1, April 2022)
      18. Bolsonaro’s administration education management is the worst in Brazilian history (Uol Educação, May 2022)
      19. Bolsonaro's education policies are setbacks, says movement comprised of 18 organizations (Folha de S. Paulo, May 2022)
      20. Bolsonaro blocks BRL 8.2 billion of the Budget and affects Education, Health, and Science (Band, May 2022)
      21. Bolsonaro government cuts BRL 3.2 billion from the Ministry of Education (Poder 360, May 2022)
      22. Federal government blocks BRL 2.5 billion of science funding (Folha, June 2022)
      23. The Ministry of Science fund will lose 44% of its resources, says entity (Uol, June 2022)
      24. In Brazil, universities had a 96% funding cut in 5 years (Globo News, July 2022)
      25. In a new cut, the Ministry of Education takes away BRL 220 million from federal universities: “unsustainable”, says dean (O Globo, June 2022)
      26. BRL 1 billion cut in the Ministry of Education funds affects school reforms and ENEM (Metrópoles, June 2022)
      27. The Federal Accounting Court identifies embezzlement of BRL 12.2 bi from social security for Education under the Bolsonaro government (Folha de S. Paulo, June 2022)
      28. Government released BRL 3.3 billion from the secret budget after Milton Ribeiro's arrest (Exame, June 2022)
      29. Budget cuts put 17 federal universities at risk of stopping their activities in 2022 (O Globo, August 2022)
      30. The government has appropriated 90% of the secret budget (BRL 7.4 billion) between June 13th and July 1st, on the eve of the electoral legislation deadline (UOL, August 2022)
      31. Budget Guidelines Law: Bolsonaro keeps BRL 19 billion reserved for the secret budget in 2023 (iG, August 2022)

        In the Bolsonaro government, the Amazon has been handed over to criminals. Brazil currently has the highest deforestation rates of the decade. In addition, 40% of the Pantanal was devastated by fires in 2020. These data are no coincidence: Bolsonaro has acted to favor landowners who deforest and land grabbers who profit from cattle ranching, soybean plantations, illegal mining, and the sale of illegal wood. However, no one can say they are surprised or that this is something new. Ending environmental inspections was one of Bolsonaro's campaign promises in 2018.



        1. IBAMA – The Minister of the Environment Ricardo Salles dismissed 21 of the 27 regional superintendents of Ibama (O Globo, March 2019)
        2. INPE – Bolsonaro fires an INPE officer responsible for monitoring deforestation. The dismissal took place after the agency released data on the increase of deforestation in the Amazon. (Correio Braziliense, August 2019)
        3. IBAMA – New head of Ibama in Ceará owns a wood farm (which was badly received, and he was fired the following day) (VEJA, September 2019)
        4. FUNAI – After dismantling illegal mining schemes in Indigenous Lands, Bruno Pereira is dismissed from his position as coordinator of Funai (three years later, in 2022, he was assassinated for working in defense of indigenous peoples) (Brasil de Fato, October 2019)


        1. IBAMA – Salles dismisses IBAMA director after an operation against illegal miners (Congresso em Foco, April 2020)
        2. INPE – Government dismisses Inpe coordinator responsible for monitoring deforestation. Data from the said institute have pointed to an increase in environmental devastation in the Amazon (Folha, July 2020)
        3. Bolsonaro has 99 military people managing socio-environmental bodies (Estadão, October 2020)
        4. IBAMA and ICMBio – Military people linked to Salles are the vast majority in meetings to address the merger of Ibama and ICMBio. With generic minutes, these meetings had up to 100% military presence (O Globo, December 2020)


        1. IBAMA and ICMBio – The Prosecution Office investigates 'secret meetings' to merge agencies that monitor deforestation. The Ministry of the Environment intends to merge two very different environmental protection agencies — Ibama and ICMBio (Correio Braziliense, May 2021)
        2. FUNAI – After Funai's request, the federal police requests the presence of Sônia Guajajara for criticizing the federal government (Brasil de Fato, April 2021)
        3. IBAMA – IBAMA public servants report inspection stoppage after Salles changes fine payment rules (Extra, April 2021)
        4. IBAMA – The Federal Police says Salles appointed an Abin agent to interfere in IBAMA inspection (Extra, May 2021)
        5. IBAMA – Government appoints a military man without environmental training as Ibama director (Metrópoles, July 2021)
        6. INPE – Bolsonaro government weakens INPE and removes from the agency disclosure of data on forest fires (El País, July 2021)
        7. INPE – The Bolsonaro government withheld disclosure of deforestation data before COP26, the UN conference on climate change. Inpe report shows a 22% increase, the highest rate since 2006 (Folha de S. Paulo, November 2021)
        8. INPE – In the Bolsonaro era, Inpe reaches its lowest level of funding in its history (Veja, December 2021)


        1. FUNAI – Chairman of Funai coordinated with a pro-Bolsonaro senator to open isolated indigenous people's land (Survival, January 2022)
        2. IBAMA – Ibama takes measures =regarding only 1% of deforestation alerts, according to study (IstoÉ, February 2022)
        3. BNDES lends R$ 29 million to deforesters in the Amazon to fund tractors (Uol Notícias, February 2022)
        4. IBAMA – “Running the cattle herd again:” an Ibama decree puts the Abrolhos paradise at risk (Crusoé, March 2022)
        5. IBAMA – The Chair of IBAMA pressured a subordinate to let an embargoed gold mining company operate (The Intercept Brasil, March 2022)
        6. ICMBio – Former chair of ICMBio leads a group of miners together with one illegal mining suspect (Agência Pública, March 2022)
        7. IBAMA – Over 37,000 environmental fines will expire in 2024 (Congresso em Foco, April 2022)
        8. FUNAI A Funai administrative order indicates harassment and possible attempt of retaliation against civil servants (Folha de S. Paulo, April 2022)
        9. ICMBio – Association says that ICMBio and Ibama officials have not inspected Yanomami Land for 5 months (G1, May 2022)
        10. FUNAI – The Bolsonaro government stops civil servant examination from happening and Funai reaches the lowest number of employees since 2008 (Folha de S. Paulo, June 2022)
        11. FUNAI – Funai's dismantling in numbers: Of the 39 Regional Units, only 2 are led by have public servants. 19 are headed by Armed Forces officers, 3 by Military Police officers, and 2 by Federal Police officers (G1, June 2022)
        12. FUNAI – Funai's chairman accumulates requests for investigation against indigenous people. Marcelo Xavier da Silva asked Abin and the Federal Police to investigate advocates of the environment (Folha de S. Paulo, June 2022)
        13. FUNAI – The Courts ordered the Federal Government to reinforce units in Vale do Javari but were ignored (Uol Notícias, June 2022)
        14. FUNAI – Funai chairman's schedule records only 2 meetings with indigenous people in 2022 (BBC News, June 2022)
        15. FUNAI – ‘Abin went to Funai after me,’ says an indigenist who left the country to save his life. After reporting crimes committed against indigenous peoples in Maranhão, Ricardo Henrique Rao asked for diplomatic asylum in Norway in 2019 (Sul 21, June 2022)
        16. FUNAI – Funai ignores warning about isolated indigenous people (Folha de S. Paulo, July 2022)
        17. In 1 year as Minister of the Environment, Joaquim Leite's numbers are worse than those of Ricardo Salles (Folha de S. Paulo, July 2022)


            Bolsonaro's most significant promises were to "stop the corruption gravy train" related to the Rouanet Law and make a "conservative revolution" in Brazilian art. Almost four years have gone by. The corruption gravy train continued, the Rouanet Law today funds pro-gun content, and the “conservative revolution” Bolsonaro promised turned into an APOLOGY FOR NAZISM, DICTATORSHIP, AND NEGATIONISM.

            1. Funarte Director says Fernanda Montenegro is 'a vile person' and 'a liar.' Roberto Alvim reacted after the actress posed as a witch about to be burned amid books for the cover of a magazine (Estadão, September 2019)
            2. Roberto Alvim, who verbally attacked Fernanda Montenegro, is the new Secretary of Culture (Estado de Minas, November 2019)
            3. The Beatles were created to implement communism, says the new chair of Funarte. Dante Mantovani also says rock encourages drugs use, sex, the 'abortion industry,' and Satanism (Folha, December 2019)
            4. The new chair of Funarte, who linked rock to satanism, believes the Earth is flat (Globo News, December 2019)
            5. Roberto Alvim, Bolsonaro’s Secretary of Culture, copies Goebbels’s speech and is dismissed (El País, January 2020)
            6. Regina Duarte accepts the invitation and becomes Secretary of Culture (Terra, January 2020)
            7. Regina Duarte sings a song related to the dictatorship and minimizes torture and deaths (Poder 360, May 2020)
            8. Regina Duarte resigns from the Culture department (BBC, May 2020)
            9. Actor Mário Frias is appointed and will succeed Regina Duarte as Secretary of Culture (G1, June 2020)
            10. Mário Frias is reported to the Federal Prosecution Office and the Federal Accounting Court for encouraging the use of the Rouanet Law to fund pro-gun events (Folha, April 2021)
            11. Mário Frias carries a gun and “makes scenes and insults people” at the Department of Culture (Yahoo Notícias, May 2021)
            12. Bolsonaro administration's culture management is considered the worst in recent decades, artists say (Brasil de Fato, September 2021)
            13. Mário Frias vetoes the requirement for a vaccination passport in Rouanet Law projects. Culture Secretary echoes Bolsonaro’s negationism and says that the vaccination passport is “discrimination” (Rede Brasil Atual, November 2021)
            14. Bolsonaro government is marked by “stoppage” in culture (Terra, April 2022)
            15. The Government attacks the Rouanet law, but wants to use it to fund book about guns (Rede Brasil Atual, April 2022)
            16. Culture promotion secretary promises BRL 1 billion from the Rouanet Law for pro-gun content (A Pública, April 2020)
            17. Bolsonaro fully vetoes the Aldir Blanc 2 Law, which supports culture (Senado Notícias, May 2022)
            18. Mário Frias, former secretary of culture, is being sued for defamation against Marcelo Adnet (Estadão, August 2022)


                The Bolsonaro administration's chair of Fundação Palmares attacked the black community, tried to criminalize religions of African origin, and who, among other outraging actions, even went so far as to blame Möise Kabagambe – a Congolese immigrant who was brutally murdered for trying to get paid at a kiosk in Rio de Janeiro--for his murder, calling him a bum. Sérgio Camargo, the chair of Fundação Palmares, was appointed by Roberto Alvim, who was fired from the Secretary of Culture for making a Nazi speech. Not even one centimeter of quilombola territory was regulated during the Bolsonaro administration.

                In turn, FUNAI was supposed to protect indigenous peoples and was instrumentalized and used to persecute indigenous leaders throughout the Bolsonaro administration. Under Bolsonaro, Sônia Guajajara and other indigenous leaders were investigated by the Federal Police, at the request of FUNAI itself, for criticizing the federal government.

                1. "Left-wing black people are slaves," says the new president chair of Fundação Palmares. Sérgio Camargo was appointed by Roberto Alvim (Congresso em Foco, November 2019)
                2. Roberto Alvim, Bolsonaro's Secretary of Culture, copies Nazi Goebbels' speech and is dismissed (El País, January 2020)
                3. Sérgio Camargo dismisses a black female director of Fundação Palmares over the telephone. He argued that he needed to “put together a far-right team” and was going to “be in line with Secretary Alvim” (Correio Braziliense, February de 2020)
                4. Palmares Foundation announced a “not a racist” seal. The foundation's chair says that the seal is for those who are "unfairly labeled as racial discrimination," in his words, in the country. (Folha, May 2020)
                5. The Federal Prosecution Service notifies the chair of Fundação Palmares for the “not a racist” seal and website content (G1, June 2020)
                6. The chair of Fundação Palmares calls the black movement “damned scum” (Estado de Minas, June 2020)
                7. Fundação Palmares censors biographies of historical black leaders on its website (Folha de S. Paulo, June 2020)
                8. Mãe de Santo filed a police report after being offended by the chair of Fundação Palmares. Mãe Baiana was called 'macumbeira' and 'godforsaken' by Sérgio Camargo and filed a police report on the grounds of racial and religious discrimination (O Globo, June 2020)
                9. Fundação Palmares excludes 27 black people from the list of honored personalities (Folha de S. Paulo, December 2020)
                10. Former advisor to the secretary fired for apology for Nazism will work at Fundação Palmares (Folha, March 2021)
                11. After Funai's request, the federal police requests the presence of Sônia Guajajara for criticizing the federal government (Brasil de Fato, April 2021)
                12. Chair of Fundação Palmares’s removal from office is requested due to moral harassment (Folha de S. Paulo, August 2021)
                13. How Bolsonaro destroys institutions: the Fundação Palmares case (El País, September 2021)
                14. The chair of Fundação Palmares mocks Black Consciousness Day (Veja, November 2021)
                15. Camargo is 2 years in office without receiving black movements: "I don't dialogue with slaves" (Correio Braziliense, November 2021)
                16. Sérgio Camargo wants to change the name of Fundação Palmares to Princesa Isabel (Folha de S. Paulo, January 2022)
                17. The Chair of Fundação Palmares attacks murdered Congolese immigrant: “a bum.” Pro-Bolsonaro, Sérgio Camargo said that the brutal death of Moïse Kabagambe in a kiosk in Rio was related to "savagery in which he lived and transited" (VEJA, February 2022)
                18. From censorship to moral harassment, a recap of Sérgio Camargo's management at Palmares (Folha de S. Paulo, March 2022)
                19. Funai's chairman accumulates requests for investigation against indigenous people. Marcelo Xavier da Silva asked Abin and the Federal Police to investigate advocates of the environment (Folha de S. Paulo, June 2022)
                20. Funai chairman's schedule records only 2 meetings with indigenous people in 2022 (BBC News, June 2022)


                      The Attorney General's Office [PGR] 's role is to investigate the government, including the Federal Government. Under Augusto Aras, the PGR avoided investigating the government and began to act in its defense. Shelving requests have become routine, including corruption allegations and crimes committed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Bolsonaro’s bet was on "no investigation, no corruption." What he didn’t expect was the serious work of the press, which exposed the widespread corruption in his government.

                      1. The Attorney General’s Office defends shelving investigation against “troll army” (GGN, May 2020)
                      2. The Attorney General’s Office wants to shelve a lawsuit in which Bolsonaro compares Dilma to a pimp (Veja, August 2020)
                      3. The Attorney General’s Office shelves request by a representative to investigate Bolsonaro and his sons in the fake news investigation (O Globo, September 2020)
                      4. The Attorney General’s Office backs down on the complaint against Arthur Lira, Bolsonaro’s ally, and now asks for shelving (O Globo, September 2020)
                      5. The Attorney General’s Office asks the investigation against Bolsonaro for not wearing a mask to be shelved again (UOL, October 2021)
                      6. Aras asks for the closing of the investigation into the alleged nonfeasance by Bolsonaro in the purchase of the vaccine from India (O Globo, February 2022)
                      7. Aras again asks the Federal Supreme Court to shelve the investigation against Bolsonaro (Conjur, April 2022) (Conjur, April 2022)
                      8. Bolsonaro did not commit a crime when he said that black people’s weight is measured in arrobas, says Attorney General (Folha, May 2022)
                      9.  With a lawsuit rejected by the Supreme Court, Bolsonaro asks the Attorney General to investigate Alexandre de Moraes (O Globo, May 2022)
                      10. The Attorney General asks the Supreme Court to reject the request to investigate Bolsonaro for talking about elections. Bolsonaro attacked the polls and suggested suspending the elections and the electoral process this year (CNN, June 2022)
                      11. Attorney General requests the STF to shelve the investigation against Ricardo Barros (Metrópoles, June 2022)
                      12. Attorney General closes preliminary investigation into government delay to vaccinate children against Covid (G1, July 2022)
                      13. Bolsonaro holds secret meetings with Lindôra, to whom he promised the Office of the Federal Attorney General (Metrópoles, July 2022)
                      14. PGR asks STF to shelve lawsuits against Bolsonaro and government allies in investigations of the Pandemic CPI (CNN Brasil, July 2022)
                      15. PGR weakens Covid's CPI offensive and maintains only 2 actions against Bolsonaro (Uol, July 2022)
                      16. PGR has already shelved 104 investigation requests against Bolsonaro from the STF (UOL, July 2022)
                      17. PGR wants to take to the STF Full Court a request to shelve investigation against Bolsonaro (Cultura, August 2022)
                      18. PGR makes a new request to STF to shelve investigations against Bolsonaro at the Covid CPI (Uol, August 2022)
                      19. PGR issues an opinion against Bolsonaro’s indictment for associating vaccine with AIDS (CNN, September 2022)


                            "Our government will be solely technical, with no ideological bias." This is perhaps the most blatant of all the lies Bolsonaro told in his presidential campaign. Bolsonaro made the country's most ideological government ever and appointed unqualified friends and allies to strategic positions in his government. The instrumentalization was evident in all fields: culture, environment, education, and, unfortunately, health. In the latter case, people paid the price with lives during the pandemic: almost 700,000 deaths, many of which were avoidable if we had had a genuinely technical government that listened to what science had to say instead of fighting it.

                            1. “Leftist Nazism”: an absurdity became the official discourse. Chancellor Ernesto Araújo repeats the thesis disseminated on social media, which scholars and diplomats consider dishonest and meaningless. European historians are impressed: "Bullshit and nonsense" (DW, March 2019)
                            2. The Chancellor denies global warming: “I went to Rome in May and it was cold.” The resounding speech of Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo astonished fellow diplomats when he said during a meeting that he "does not believe" in the phenomenon (Correio Braziliense, August de 2019)
                            3. Fish are intelligent animals, they run away when they see oil, says Fisheries Secretary (Exame, November 2019)
                            4. The Beatles were created to implement communism, says the new chair of Funarte. Dante Mantovani also says rock encourages drugs use, sex, the 'abortion industry,' and Satanism (Folha, December 2019)
                            5. New president of Funarte, who linked rock to Satanism, believes the Earth is flat (Globo News, December 2019)
                            6. Covid-19: Ernesto Araújo denounces “communavirus” and attacks WHO (O Globo, April 2020)
                            7. Itamaraty research foundation becomes an Olavista think tank during the pandemic (O Globo, May 2020)
                            8. Olavista is appointed Secretary of Science and Technology at the Ministry of Health (IstoÉ, June 2020)
                            9. Itamaraty Foundation publishes a video alleging the use of masks is 'harmful.' Content shared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is false, September 2020)
                            10. YouTube removes Itamaraty video against the use of masks (Congresso em Foco, October 2020)
                            11. Salles posts a video with an animal from the Atlantic Forest to defend that there are no fires in the Amazon. Video was produced by cattle ranchers from Pará (O Globo, September 2020)
                            12. Inpe shows the highest number of fires in the Amazon since 2010 and contradicts a video released by Salles and Mourão (O Globo, September 2020)
                            13. Government disseminates false information that fires in Brazil are the lowest in 18 years. Communication Secretariat compared 8 months of 2020 with data from 12 months of previous years (Folha, September 2020)
                            14. “Insect lockdown”: No evidence, Onyx says lockdown doesn't work because insects can carry the virus (G1, March 2021)
                            15. The Ministry of Health defends hydroxychloroquine and says the vaccine does not work. The Secretary of Science and Technology signs anti-vax statement; Anvisa director and experts react (Folha, January 2022)
                            16. The fall of the diplomat who turned the main Itamaraty foundation into an Olavista bunker (Carta Capital, July 2021)
                            17. Youtube removes Itamaraty foundation channel that has already spread fake news (UOL, June 2022)

                                  In the Bolsonarist wave of 2018, dozens of representatives and senators adopted a conservative and nationalist discourse that took over the country. Once elected, these congress members formed an authentic "crime bench." They drafted bills and amendments to the constitution that make it more difficult to fight against environmental crimes. These bills help the operation of loggers, land grabbers, and miners in indigenous areas; They also destroy the country's economy. In addition, some bills increase civilians' access to guns, which end up in the hands of drug dealers and criminal organizations.

                                  1. Flávio Bolsonaro's bill ends forest reserves in rural properties (Congresso em Foco, April de 2019)

                                  2. A bill enables mining in indigenous lands (Agência Câmara, February de 2020)

                                  3. Pro-Bolsonaro representative Daniel Silveira proposes a bill to define "Antifa" as terrorists. Representative Silveira was later convicted of attacking democracy in 2022 (Brasil de Fato, June de 2020; UOL, April 2022)

                                  4. A pro-Bolsonaro representative proposes the end and sale of the State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ (O Povo, May 2021)

                                  5. The bill proposed by representative Rogério Peninha Mendonça (MDB-SC) that changes the Forest Code and allows construction works on the banks of rivers and lakes in cities is approved (Agência Brasil, October 2021)

                                  6. The Guns Bill can give over 166 thousand people access to guns, according to Senate consultants (R7, March 2022)

                                  7. Pro-Bolsonaro representative Sóstenes Cavalcante (PL-RJ) has proposed a bill that makes the impeachment process difficult (Uol, April 2022)

                                  8. Bolsonarists will defend a bill in the House of Representatives to pardon more allies of the president (Congresso em Foco, April 2022)

                                  9. Bolsonarists want a gun registration fee cheaper than a kilo of meat (VEJA, June 2022)

                                  10. Senators who have been fined BRL 444,000 by Ibama vote laws that have environmental impacts (Agência Pública, June 2022)

                                  11. Commission discusses the application of the time frame theory in the title regulation of indigenous lands (Agência Câmara, June 2022)

                                  12. Representatives approved a bill that changes pesticide registration rules (Agência Câmara, July 2022)

                                  13. The Senate's Agriculture Commission approves a bill authorizing irrigation projects in riverside permanently-preserved areas (Agência Senado, July 2022)

                                  14. Bolsonarist representative Capitão Augusto (PL-SP) approves a bill in the Public Security Commission that gives amnesty to the Military Police of the Carandiru massacre (Forum, August 2022)

                                  15. House of Representatives accelerates voting on a bill that removes governors' power over the Military Police on the eve of the campaign (Estadão, August 2022)

                                  16. A bill creates a parliamentary front to support mining in the Legal Amazon (Agência Senado, August 2022)
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