Since the beginning of his term, Bolsonaro has been attacking Brazil's main trading partners simply because their leaders are not aligned with the far right. He’s attacked China, Brazil's largest trading partner, the United States, the second largest, Argentina, the third largest, and nearly the entire European Union. From insulting the French president's wife to almost causing a diplomatic incident with China in the middle of the pandemic, the president offends all the leaders he considers enemies - which is many people.

    1. Bolsonaro makes joke about Macron’s wife (IstoÉ - August 2019)
    2. After Bolsonaro's comment on the French first lady, Macron says he hopes that Brazilians 'have a president who behaves accordingly' (G1 - August 2019)
    3. Eduardo Bolsonaro shares video calling Macron an 'idiot'  (Veja August 2019)
    4. Bolsonaro reacts to Macron’s talk about Amazon: “colonialist mentality” (UOL - August 2019)    
    5. Bolsonaro calls Fernández and Cristina Kirchner “left-wing bandits” (Veja - August 2019)
    6. Bolsonaro attacks Bachelet's father, killed under Pinochet, and defends the coup in Chile (Folha de S Paulo - September 2019)
    7. Bolsonaro says Argentina 'made a bad choice' and won't congratulate Alberto Fernández after presidential election (G1 - October 2019)
    8. Son of the new Argentine president reacts to Eduardo Bolsonaro's provocation (Veja - October 2019)
    9. "Let us be pariahs," says Ernesto Araújo about Brazil's role in the world (Correio Braziliense, October 2020)
    10. In speech, Bolsonaro threatens to use 'gunpowder' against Joe Biden (Estado de Minas - November 2020)
    11. Bolsonaro attacks Biden, Evo, and the center, and says his life is 'a disgrace' (Veja - November 2020)
    12. Bolsonaro attacks Macron and says that the act of receiving Lula in France seemed like provocation (O Globo - November 2021)
    13. Bolsonaro cancels meeting with Portuguese president in retaliation for his meeting with Lula (G1 - July 2022)
    14.  Portuguese call Bolsonaro a scoundrel on several TV shows - July 2022)
    15. Criticized by Bolsonaro, Nicaragua attended a meeting of the president with ambassadors (Folha, August 2022)

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire world depended on masks and other instruments from China to supply its hospitals and protect frontline healthcare workers. Later, vaccines were developed, and most were also produced in China. In other words: China was a strategic partner for ANY country during the pandemic. In this context, Bolsonaro, his children, ministers, advisers, and his supporters (funded with public money, by the way) spent the entire pandemic attacking China, sometimes to divert attention from their lack of competence, to fuel bizarre conspiracy theories raised by supporters about the origin of the. Pandemic. As a result, our relations with China were weakened, which led to delays and difficulties in purchasing Covid-19 vaccines – and, several times, we were on the verge of a diplomatic incident.

    1. Eduardo Bolsonaro blames China for coronavirus and creates a diplomatic crisis (G1 - March 2020)
    2. Covid-19: Ernesto Araújo denounces “communavirus” and attacks WHO (O Globo, April 2020)
    3. Weintraub: the Chinese can create a new pandemic, “they eat everything under the sun” (Correio Braziliense, April 2020)
    4. “We will not buy the vaccine from China,” says Bolsonaro on social media (G1, October 2020)
    5. Bolsonaro’s offenses against China are a dangerous game (DW - November 2020)
    6. In a press release, Itamaraty responds to the Chinese embassy. In the text, Itamaraty says that it is not appropriate for Chinese diplomatic agents in Brazil to deal with matters through social media.. (CNN, November 2020)
    7. Government admits that attacks on China hinder the arrival of vaccine supplies (CNN, January 2021)
    8. Brazil has asked for the replacement of Chinese ambassador twice and China ignored (Poder 360, February 2021)
    9. Governors ask for meeting with Chinese ambassador after Bolsonaro's statement (Correio Braziliense, May 2021) 
    10. SECOM deletes posts that omitted China in the vaccination ranking (UOL, June 2021)

    In 2019, Bolivia suffered a coup d'état. After the opposition did not acknowledge the results of the elections, the military "suggested" the resignation of the president of Bolivia, who had been re-elected for a new term. Subsequently, Jeanine Añez, a far-right Bolivian politician, declared herself president of the country, a position she held until 2020. Bolivia's recent history is very similar to what Bolsonaro plans for Brazil. Maybe that's why his government has, from the beginning, supported and recognized the coup-plotter government of Jeanine Añez – some even suspect that he played an active role in the coup through which she became.

    In 2021, after losing the presidential elections, Jeanine Añez was arrested for conspiring against the democratic order of her country. And nowadays, Bolsonaro is terrified that the same will happen to him. Time and again, he mentions that he will not end up like Jeanine, and he has already offered political asylum to the far-right politician here in the country – and she has not accepted it.

    1. Jair Bolsonaro celebrates after Evo Morales reported a coup and resigned (Congresso em Foco - November 2019)
    2. Bolsonaro's chancellor says that Brazil recognizes Jeanine Áñez as president of Bolivia (O Globo - November 2019)
    3. Evo Morales reports: Bolsonaro government participated in the coup that overthrew me (Carta Capital - July 2020)
    4. Bolsonaro reveals secret meeting with imprisoned former Bolivian dictator (Revista Forum - June 2022)
    5. Bolivia criticizes Bolsonaro for offering asylum to former president convicted of coup (O Globo - July 2022)
    6. Fear has spread all over the government: The president's fear of being arrested became the basis for decisions (VEJA, August 2022)

    During the most significant pandemic of the last 100 years, Bolsonaro thought it would be a good idea to confront the WHO. While taking the country to the top of the ranking of deaths from covid-19, he spread disinformation and conspiracies about the WHO, encouraging people to ignore the recommendations of health authorities and listen to those who said that covid-19 was a minor disease, easily curable with drugs against lice or malaria – his attitudes have caused thousands of deaths.

    1. Bolsonaro accuses WHO of encouraging “masturbation” and homosexuality in children (Estadão, April 2020)
    2. Bolsonaro has a disagreement with former supporter, attacks the WHO, and criticizes those who believe in the press (CBN, June 2020)
    3. Bolsonaro criticizes WHO and says that the entity “doesn’t get anything right” (Valor, June 2020)
    4. Bolsonaro criticizes “panic preached” by the WHO (Valor Econômico, June 2020)
    5. Bolsonaro says Brazil may leave WHO (Agência Brasil,  June 2020)
    6. To go Against social isolation, Bolsonaro makes false statements about WHO, death certificates, and STF (Folha de São Paulo, March 2021)
    7. OMS responds to Bolsonaro: “No virus that kills is welcome” (Yahoo, January 2022)

    Unable to dialogue with democracies not aligned with the far right around the world, Bolsonaro has only become closer to conservative leaders whose governments are marked by xenophobia, anti-human rights policies, authoritarianism, and religious intolerance. Jair Bolsonaro's statements about non-aligned heads of state are always linked to the false idea that other nations are left-wing nations. Meanwhile, his government continues to break the country's diplomatic traditions, substantiating its actions on obsolete ideological guidelines and a total lack of pragmatism. As a result, Brazil is now diplomatically isolated and is seen as a global pariah.

    1. Bolsonaro invites dictators to his inauguration. After uninviting leaders from Cuba and Venezuela, Bolsonaro keeps inviting representatives from Syria, South Sudan, Eritrea, North Korea, and Turkmenistan. (Veja, December 2018)
    2. Bolsonaro meets with Matteo Salvini, far-right leader in Italy (Poder 360, November 2021)
    3. Understand why Bolsonaro wants to visit far-right leaders in 2022  (Isto É, November 2021)
    4. “They seemed like good friends,” says Eduardo about the meeting between Bolsonaro and bin Zayed (Correio Braziliense, November 2021)
    5. Government articulates Bolsonaro’s visit to far-right allies in the EU (UOL, November 2021)
    6. Bolsonaro meets with Crown Prince in Abu Dhabi (Metrópoles, November 2021)
    7. In Bahrain, Bolsonaro meets with the king: “we have to contribute with”(Metrópoles, November 2021)
    8. In a meeting with the emir of Qatar, Bolsonaro defends the World Cup every two years (Metrópoles, November 2021)
    9. Jair Bolsonaro met with four dictators in the Middle East (IG, November 2021)
    10. Bolsonaro meets with the far-right leader in Hungary signaling to his ideological supporters(Valor, February 2022)
    11. Bolsonaro says his worldviews are similar to the Hungarian worldviews (Exame, February 2022)
    12. Bolsonaro calls Orbán his brother and highlights they have similar customs: “God, country, and family” (G1, February 2022)
    13. Saudi dictator to come to Brazil at Bolsonaro’s (Metrópoles, February 2022)
    14. Saudi dictator admired by Bolsonaro sentences a female researcher to over 30 years of imprisonment (Fórum, August 2022)

    In 2020, after losing the election, Donald Trump began to make a series of attacks against the electoral system, claiming to have been the victim of fraud. His coupist speech prompted his supporters in January 2021 to storm into the Capitol to disrupt President-elect Joe Biden's certification.

    Going the opposite direction of the world, Bolsonaro endorsed Donald Trump's false allegations of fraud, supported the coup attempt, and was one of the last world leaders to recognize Joe Biden's victory. He plans to do the same here in the country, spreading lies about the electoral system and trying to create a scenario where elections are questioned if he is defeated.

    1. Bolsonaro defends Trump and calls the impeachment process a “farce”  (Veja, February 2020)
    2. Heleno tried to convince Bolsonaro to congratulate Biden on his victory (O Globo, November 2020)
    3. “I am connected to Trump:” Bolsonaro says after US Congress invasion (A Gazeta, January 2021)
    4. A year after the invasion of US Congress, Bolsonaro maintains his position on the topic (Congresso em Foco, January 2022)
    5. Shortly before meeting with Biden, Bolsonaro mentions electoral fraud in the US (Veja, June 2022)
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